PHOTO-A-DAY 2021: TAG 31

{„Photo-a-Day Project“ – Ein persönliches Projekt, bei dem ich einen ganzen Monat lang ein Foto am Tag mache und so das Leben meiner Kinder dokumentiere.}

These girls.
These girls inspired me to become an artist. These girls have been so patient the last 31 days, letting me document their magically mundane. Their personalities. Their relationships. Their milestones. The details that make them who they are, while also incorporating their own ideas.
As I stare into these soulful eyes, I sometimes still cannot believe I get to be their mama.
Ocean Eyes. Sky eyes. My eyes. His eyes. Our eyes.
Grateful. Thankful. This just might be one of my favorite images of 2021.
Thank you for coming along and being a part of this January project. See you next year!

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